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Meiser & Earl, Inc. is happy to provide you with more information about their hydrogeologic and environmental consulting services, specifically regarding their expertise in water supply development, waste disposal site studies, mining hydrology, groundwater monitoring and interpretation, karst evaluations, groundwater and soil contamination studies, and environmental site assessments. For more information, we invite you to read more details provided below or to contact our State College, PA firm at your convenience.

Our Consulting Services Include:

Water Supply Development

  • Assessing the hydrologic conditions and regulations within the watershed of interest

  • Estimating the groundwater and surface water availability and “safe yield” of the system

  • Performing fracture-trace analyses in support of siting optimum locations for high-yield groundwater supply wells

  • Preparing technical well specifications

  • Well logging and drilling supervision

  • Planning and performing constant-rate aquifer tests to support groundwater withdrawal applications

  • Water-quality sampling and evaluation

  • Assessing potential water-resource impacts and interpreting pumping test results

  • Preparing surface-water and groundwater withdrawal application documents, public notices, and metering plans

  • Interfacing with the regulatory agencies (SRBC, DRBC, PADEP) and staff

  • Performing water-resource evaluations and preparing applications for surface water and groundwater withdrawals and water-management plans for Marcellus shale well drilling and development

  • Preparing wellhead protection plans

Waste Disposal Site Studies

  • Site selection and evaluation

  • Determination of groundwater levels and flow directions

  • Geologic investigations

  • Design and installation of groundwater monitoring systems

  • Groundwater and surface-water sampling

  • Preparation of landfill permit applications

Mining Hydrology

  • Evaluation of geologic conditions for deep mines and surface mines/quarries

  • Determination of groundwater levels and flow directions

  • Assessment of potential mining impacts on groundwater flow and quality

  • Design and installation of groundwater and surface-water monitoring systems

  • Groundwater and surface-water sampling

  • Preparation of mining permit applications

Groundwater Monitoring & Interpretation

  • Determination of hydrogeologic setting, including physical groundwater flow system

  • Design and installation of groundwater monitoring systems

  • Collection of groundwater samples per a monitoring program and sampling protocol

  • Evaluation and statistical analysis of laboratory water-quality data

Karst Evaluations

  • Design and perform dye traces, along with interpretation of results

  • Assessment of potential concerns related to large construction projects in karst terrain

  • Karst assessment, as related to other services provided by Meiser & Earl, Inc.

Groundwater & Soil Contamination Studies

  • Identification of pollution source, e.g., underground storage tanks (USTs), leaking pipeline, waste lagoon, etc.

  • Determination of extent of contamination using water, soil, and/or soil-gas sampling

  • Evaluation of contaminant movement using fate-and-transport analysis/modeling

  • Preparation of remedial action plans

  • Supervision of remediation

  • Expert witness testimony

Environmental Site Assessments

  • Phase I site investigations per ASTM standards, including records review, site inspection, interviews, and sampling

  • Phase II site investigations to determine nature and extent of contamination

  • Evaluation of potential liabilities and assessment of need for remediation